Global Vitality Conference

The 2024 Global Vitality Conference, hosted in London between 11 to 12 March, united experts, thought leaders, and our Vitality partners from around the world to reveal ground-breaking data and the latest insights about the future of Shared-value Insurance, behaviour-change and how we can leverage the power of habits and personalisation to address challenges facing health systems, individuals and society.


New research: Vitality Habit Index


With most of the population living in increasingly poor health, our economies are buckling under the strain and premature deaths and the risk of developing non-communicable diseases (NCDs) continue to rise. 


But, there’s a way we can turn things around … 


Recognising the pivotal role that habits play in shaping health outcomes, Vitality, in collaboration with the London School of Economics, developed a data-driven tool to quantify habit formation – the Vitality Habit Index. 


DID YOU KNOW that habits control between 40 and 50% of our lives.

This tool measures the benefits of encouraging, forming, and maintaining healthier eating and physical activity habits, which in turn have positive knock-on effects on other areas of our lives. 

By understanding the science and data behind making and breaking habits, we can help people live healthier lives.  


Introducing habit laddering


If we know that healthy habits have profound benefits for everyone, how do we form and sustain them? The answer: habit laddering.  


The Vitality Habit Index shows that habit laddering is the most effective way to build strong habits that lead to tangible positive health outcomes.  




How to be a habit hero



Set a target

Define your goal based on where you are in your health journey.

Start small

Choose an activity that’s easy and practical. Focus on building frequency and consistency.

Repeat then intensify

Keep up your activity for four to six weeks. Then, increase your activity intensity.

Build habits that are practical, persistent, and powerful

Get advice and tools to support you on your journey to building better habits, from moving more, to making time for mindful moments and eating healthily – we’ve got you covered.

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